Kainoa French

Kainoa was Born and Raised on Kauai in Omao. He began his love for the ocean from a young age. From Early on Surfing and Bodyboarding were a big part of his life but bodyboarding has become his true passion. He has completed on the IBA World Tour. 


Matt Holzman

Matt was born and raised on Kauai. Being born in Kekaha, his life has always revolved around the ocean, from kneeboarding, scraping Opihi to riding Honu's, the ocean is his playground. He is currently going to complete on the USBA Tour. 


Alex Brown

Alex is born and raised on Kauai. Bodyboarding has been in his life since he was a grom. Following his passion and family tradition he has strived to do better and has competed on the USBA and IBA World Tour. 




Brianna Cope

Brianna is also born & raised on Kauai. She has created a great resume in surfing, lifestyle & sport.